Best NAS Drives 2020 – Reviews + Buyer’s Guide

Synology 4 bay NAS DiskStation DS918+3 Years
Synology 8 Bay NAS Diskstation (Diskless) (DS1819+)3 Years

Network Attached Storage or NAS is the data storage server which uses Network to connect to Home/Office PC’s to share stored data via Network.

Best NAS Drives

This server gets attached to the computer using the local network. Basically, NAS consists of storage drives that have access to providing storage data files to hardware, software, and configuration.

The main purpose of using NAS is to share the data among various computers which have network sharing protocols like NFS, SMB, and AFP. NAS drives are arranged into logical, redundant storage containers or RAID.

NAS is very easy to use as it needs the only browser for sharing of data files. NAS doesn’t need any fully-featured operating system but can work on simple operating systems as well. They come in the form of small form factors.


Synology 4 Bay NAS DiskStation DS918+ (Diskless)

This is 4 Bay NAS drive which was developed by the Synology Company. Generally, this drive has the memory of 4GB which can extend up to 8GB thus this single drive is comparable to the working of 8 drives altogether.

It has the Quad-core processor with the dual 1GB LAN that provides the efficient working through link aggregation. This drive has the quality of reading 225MBs and writing 221 MBs at one time.

4 Bay NAS drive is perfect for the home users and small businesses that look for the reliable data sharing servers. It serves as a centralized server for connecting the data of multiple devices and shares the protocols like CIFS, AFP, NFS, FTP and more.

It provides you the opportunity of transcoding the videos to 1080p and streams them in high versions of TVs, digital media players, mobile handsets, computer and much more.

This NAS drive ensures that the files contain no virus and keep them safe. It works by monitoring and collection of video management tools that keep the working of videos streaming safe.

It doesn’t matter where you’re you can get access to the files by connecting to a simple customize-able address. You can get access to data by working on MAC, Linux, Windows, Computer, Laptop or other devices without any hurdle.


  • Expandable memory
  • Hardware transcoding and hardware encryption engine.
  • Bulletproof backup
  • High-speed storage server
  • Gives the access to connect 2 or more USB at one time.
  • Multiple benefits in one single device


  • Somewhat expensive

Synology 8 Bay NAS Disk Station (Diskless)

As the name indicates, it is 8 Bay NAS disk station which was developed by the team of Synology. It has pre-install 4GB memory which can extend up to 32GB. It is very simple to use which provides access over multiple files. You can store the files and can get complete control over them.

It has the highest speed performance that provides the guidance through the PCIe slot for installation, data transmission and caching. You can get the control on the files of various devices by centralizing files in one place.

You can back up the data quickly and safely without getting any human-error or ransomware. It has the tools like VMware, Citrix and Microsoft Hyper-V that maintains the virtualization so you can run various virtual machines on any operating system.

It provides video surveillance through camera apps, mobile apps and by making relevant recordings. It works in a very smooth way and software-rich ecosystem. It provides easy access to files anywhere, anytime.


  • Used for fastest and secure file sharing
  • Gives the bulletproof data backup
  • Provide the PCIe slot for NIC and Cache adapter
  • Highly expandable memory
  • Recording features


  • Not suitable for home users
  • Expensive than the 4Bay NAS
  • Working highly depends upon the RAID chosen

WD WDBVBZO200JCH-NESN 20TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra Network Attached Storage

This NAS server is the centralized network storage which was developed by the Western Digital. It has a 1.3GHz Dual-core processor and 1GB memory which is responsible for such high performance. In just a few seconds, it gives the easy transferring of data files.

It has multiple features like RAID configuration, automatic backup options, file syncing, volume encryption and password protection. It gives the option of ultrafast sharing that you can easily transfer the files and folders. It is widely used for the personalized system with ease.

Your media files will be automatically synchronized across the computer, My Cloud devices, and other devices as well. It gives the option of the public link, once you open this option, you’ll share your data publically, and anyone can see it.

You can secure your file regardless of the matter which Operating system you’re using.


  • WD Smartware Pro backup software.
  • Plex media server for the storage of photos, videos, and their streaming.
  • Automatic synchronization across all the connected computers
  • File, folder, and link sharing with secure collaborations


  • Short memory access
  • Only 2-bay or 4-bay
  • Supports only 2 USB ports

QNAP TS-473-4G US 4 BAY NAS/ iSCSI IP-SAN, SMD R Series Quad-core, 2.1GHz, 4GB RAM, 10G-Ready

This NAS is the TS-473 model which was developed by the QNAP. It has multiple features with 4 Bay like AMD, 4GB DDR RAM, SATA 6GBs drives, 4x GBE LAN and optional 10GBE PCIe expansion.

It supports wireless cards and QM2 cards. Through the distinct support of Graphic cards, it allows the users for the transcoding of 4K videos. The efficiency of the QNAP is better than other in storage because of the setup of cache or storage pools.

You can install the QNAP QM2 expansion and add the cache to it. The high-level graphics cards boost the performance of the system, especially in video streaming. You can get a wide range of applications in a very affordable budget.

It uses the PCI e slot with M.2 SSDs and Qtiers to ensure the boosting performance for HDD/SSD solution. It expands the range of the wifi by direct connection to the NAS instead of the router.


  • Provides the Expansion and the cache series
  • High storage and high performance
  • Greater functionality with high-level graphics cards
  • Highly graphics installation


  • M.2 SSD and QM2 cards have to purchased separately
  • No expandable RAM and supports RAM  of 400MB.

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