Best Air Fryers 2020 – Reviews + Buyer’s Guide

COSORI Air Fryer1700 W2 Years
NINJA AF101 4QT Air Fryer1500 W1 Year
OMORC Air Fryer1700 W2 Years
Philips Twin TurboStarNANA
T-fal Actifry Air FryerNA1 Year

Air fryers are the widely used kitchen appliance which is used for frying the food items. Air fryers cook the food with no or very little amount of oil.

Best Air Fryers

The air fryers have an amped-up counter-top convection oven that fries the food very fast with the hot air.

The air circulation mechanism of the air fryer is decidedly advance, and it thoroughly spread the air to ensure the crispiness of food.

There’s a basket at the bottom of the air fryer that comes out like a drawer. The dishwasher is very easy to tackle and can be cleaned easily.

Air fryer is used for the fast and healthy cooking of the specific food items. Usually, the air fryers give 100-200 recipe items for cooking. Anyhow the air fryers don’t provide large quantities of the food items.


COSORI Air Fryer

Cosori Company of California designed this Air Fryer. The fryer has distinct features like electric air fryer oven oilless cooker, 11 cooking presets, preheats and shakes reminder, LED Digital touchscreen, non-stick basket and ETL/UL. The COSORI air fryer has the power of 700w for the optimum cooking of the food.

This air fryer is square shaped with a slimmer footprint that becomes adjusted on the countertop. Cosori air fryer has built on the air crisp technology that gives very little or no oil to the food. It provides than 85% fat in frying apart from the traditional frying foods thus it is beneficial for maintaining the health of the patients.

The air fryer has a book along with it that has more than 100 recipes that guide you for the food items. It has a built-in digital touch screen technology that enables to vary the time and temperature of cooking.

Through the use of in-build fans, the tool provides professional faster cooking in very less time. The automatic shut off system maintains the quality of the food best by saving it from burning. When the food gets, cook well the automatic shut off system automatically stop the cooking of food.

The dishwasher with a non-stick drawer and basket gives no complication in washing thus the drawer comes out easily for washing. The drawer can be washed completely inside and outside.


  • The company is providing the 90 days money back offer and 2 years warranty offer.
  • Easy cooking methods and Healthy to use because of less oil consumption
  • Safer for heart patients as it offers no cholesterol in food
  • Cooking speed is fast with Inbuilt digital touch screen technology that enables to change the temperature and time.


  • Serves only 3 to 5 persons, so it’s not suitable for party foods
  • You can cook an only limited number of recipes as it has less versatility for a large number of recipes.

OMORC Air Fryer

OMORC Air fryer was designed by the OMORC Company. This is accessible in $119.99. This air fryer is the oven oil less cooker with hot air circulation technology that uses a minimum amount of oil during frying.

The fryer provides healthy foods by ensuring the spreading of heat through all directions. You can cook your favorite dishes by simply putting the prepared foods in the basket and turning on the cooking mood.

OMORC air fryer has the LED touch screen that allows changing the time and temperature during the cooking. The air fryer has the heat preservation button that keeps the food warmer for about 120 minutes.

The dishwasher has the removable parts that come out easily and can be washed properly. The air fryer gets automatically off when the frying pot has been taken out. When the cooking has finished, the inner fan gives the cooling mechanism so the air fryer may not remain hot anymore.


  • Free recipe book
  • Air circulation technology to provide oil-free food
  • Faster cooking mechanism
  • Handle and button guard to save from accidental detachment
  • Can be cleaned easily and safely & Free shipping


  • No warranty of the air fryer
  • No money back offer
  • A limited number of dishes can be prepared in the air fryer
  • Serves only a few dishes with a limited number of servings

Philips Twin TurboStar Technology XXL Airfryer with Fat Reducer

The Philips has designed this air fryer for the healthy cooking of the food. However, this air fryer is little expensive than the air fryers of other companies. It is accessible at the cost of$299.95. This air fryer has advanced rapid air technology that maximizes the flow of air through the food so that the food can be cooked evenly.

It has smart preset buttons that tell you about the previously cooked foods. This air fryer serves the food of 4 persons at a single time. The digital touch screen interface enables you to customize settings so you can select menu, time and temperature, etc.

This air fryer consists of a removable basket and non-stick drawer. The basket and the drawer can be washed thoroughly with ease. It provides the high dimensions in all the length, width and height so that the food can be cooked completely.


  • Provides 75% less fat than the conventional fryers
  • Can be used to cook 200 recipes & Safe to use
  • Ensure the heating in all directions
  • Unique starfish design to ensure the rapid air technology
  • Suitable for the various possibilities of dishes in one non-stop technology
  • Removable coated drawer for the safe and easy cleanup


  • Very little capacity
  • Costly & Small Servings

T-fal Actifry Air Fryer

This air fryer has designed by the T-fal company. The composition of the air fryer is of stainless steel. The unique point of this air fryer is that it allows the users to do multiple cooking.

The serving size of the air fryer is considerably high as compared to others, and it allows cooking 1 kg/2.2 pound of crispy fries at a single time. This multi-cooker is good to use for the low-fat foods retaining less than 97% fat.

 It has the best-designated heat pulse system that provides the maximum air circulation for the cooking of the food. It has the actifry precision spoon that helps you to take the controlled amounts of oil. It has a large LCD screen with an automatic timer.


  • Oil-free cooking
  • Multiple cooking options
  • Easy to use


  • No warranty
  • Contains 3% fat

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